LED Grow Light Spectral Output / Testing LEDs

14. November 2012 by Mike in Spectrometer  //  Tags:   //   Comments (0)

I'm currently tweaking the spectral output of my grow light using an ASEQ LR1 USB Spectrometer. The Spectrometer is a really nice piece of kit, it is powered from the USB port so no external adapter needed. The software is small and very easy to use.

 In the image you can also see the fibre optic cable (orange) which guides the light to the sensor. It is extremely directional so as long as you test in a dark room then its easy to filter out ambient light.


Spectral Output (3W (Double diode) Cool White LED)


Spectral Output (3W (Double diode) 660nm Red LED, 3W (Double diode) 630nm Red LED)


Current combined output with both white and red LED channels at 100% output. This would be ideal for the flowering stage of the plant as there is adequate output in the 500-600nm region for non-photosynthesis processes.

I now need to work on the correct light mixes for the other stages of development.

Here is the salad crop (Rocket & Spinach) I'm testing with at the moment. There is a very good chance it won't grow properly as the wavelengths are far from optimal for vegetative growth.

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