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This Page is for archive only. I no longer develop for the O2 Joggler.

The contributions to fixing the kernel sound drivers are all now readily integrated into current releases.


Remaining issues before final release

  • Minor speaker crackle when external audio jack is used

Current version V1.3 Changelog - NOTE: If you are running v1.2 and have no issues skip v1.3 as there are no major improvements

  • Midori tweaks + homepage set (use this browser for full screen as you can click the world icon and select full screen to exit)
  • Changed keyboard icon
  • Fixed to stop hangs from v1.2 - had to regress a few items :-(

Old version V1.2 Changelog

  • Screen brightness selector (looks like a sun icon near volume)
  • Install midori to compliment chrome (use this for iplayer and other flash sites)
  • Equaliser Installed by default
  • Removed lock screen option in main menu (AndyA request)
  • Installed window-picker (easier method of closing windows - cross at top) (Thanks to MaccleJ)
  • Wired ethernet MAC address fix-up script (Thanks to Dysentry)
  • Optimised background image and changed theme slightly (essential for netbook remix integration + slims down about 10MB)
  • Removed additional packages
  • VLC - change to only allow one instance. Doesn't minimise to systray now.
  • VLC - increase buffer size to 2000ms (from 300) to eliminate a few stutters from slow upnp access.
  • VLC - new shortcut so that mp3 files are enqueued rather than replace existing playlist
  • Add arrows left and right to hide top menu buttons
  • Remove "Other" from menu so there is no vertical scroll in netbook-launcher if people install it.
  • Add a spacer next to close icon in window manager to reduce false taps
  • Force file system scan on boot (Thanks to MaccleJ for input)

Old version V1.1 Changelog

  • Minor X11 config file changes/tweaks
  • Removed evtouch (didnt work anyway)
  • Compiled and installed xinput_calibrator this can be run from start > system tools > Touch Screen Calibration . Please note that it is per session (I.e you would have to re-calibrate on reboot). If you want to make the changes persistant then start up a terminal ( Start > System Tools > Root Terminal) and using the virtual keyboard type in xinput_calibrator_x11. press enter and it should launch. On completion make note of the values listed on the line "Setting new calibration data: -38, 32900, -511, 32945". Edit the file /home/joggler/ , unhash the line starting xinput and replace the example values with the new values obtained above. Reboot.
  • UDEV script to auto-link /dev/input/touchscreen referenced in x11 configs
  • Script in /home/joggler/ for persistant storage of calibration data
  • Compiled and installed djmount (UPNP to file system utility) - /media/upnp
  • New /etc/network/if-up.d/djmount script (If you don't use UPNP then edit this file and hash out the djmount line - might save a tiny bit of ram/cpu)
  • Onboard virtual keyboard now minimises to the top (near clock) - this fixes issues with full screen flash (thanks Master Chief)
  • Onboard virtual keyboard is now UK and all keys match up
  • Ephiphany browser replaced with google chrome
  • Flash replaced with latest version
  • Chrome scroll plugin installed
  • All current system upgrades applied
  • Screensaver timeout changed to 2 minutes
  • Minor "slimming" of system files

Download Link (offline 8/2/2011 - no longer current)

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